Atoms: How do they even work?

It has occurred to me lately that even though I have been writing like a madman for grad school that I have not really been able to write what I want to write in nearly a year! Amazing how time goes by so freaking fast without realizing it. Well, I guess I realized it, but I've been on autopilot most of this past year. Sorry for that all those one persons that may happen upon this blog thingy.

As I am constantly in flux mentally and spiritually, moving and growing, stunting, starting over, moving and growing, and on and on I feel that perhaps autopilot mode is not a safe way for me to live. I am a scientist at heart and by work (I don't say trade because the only thing I trade is my time for laughably small salary) so I am constantly thinking, analyzing and looking at the world in different ways. Not just for my inner being, but for those whom I teach and are responsible for.

A couple things that have bothered me as of yet is this mainstream idea of being "woke." I f…

Review of Blue Spider Press's "A Good Night with a Bad Movie" Monthly box

I pride myself in knowing about and loving cheesy horror flicks. Since high school I have viewed scores of Z listed movies to my delight - don't ask me why, but I love to watch terrible, cheap horror movies. With that being said, I am not alone in my love for the cheaply made horror "movies." Over the years I have come across tens of people who love to really get into a bad horror movie and rip it to shreds.

Enter Jeremy at Blue Spider Press. He and I go way back. He knows my love for the cheese gore films and so when he told me about his "Good Night with a Bad Movie" box, I was immediately on board. I am already a monthly subscriber to the Blue Spider Press monthly book box where I get 3 used books and lots of other delights - it's Christmas every month!

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on one of these Good Night with a Bad Movie boxes. Let me tell you - it's worth every penny! I got a never-opened copy of a movie that has the best in show for no budg…

Test Post

This is the first post. This is also a test. Don't worry, ain't nobody grading the test. This is just so I can make sure I understand how this stuff works!